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Welcome! You have just landed on the site of THE true blue home theater hobbyist. I have had the privilege of setting up various home theater set ups for the entire family; well they were especially tailored for the kids. Through experience, I can tell you that not all projectors are the same – I had to find that out the hard way. Each type of LCD and DLP projector has certain functionalities that suit its specific purpose and use.

As someone who loves to use an LCD projector at home and at work, I’m laying it all out so you don’t have to go down that road of trial and error when it comes to DLP LCD projectors. The information I collected on this site can help you save both your money and your time– and I’m giving them all to you for free.

Types of Projectors

Home Theater Projectors

ViewSonic Home Theater Projector

ViewSonic PRO8200 Home Theater Projector

To have that true cinema feel in your home theater system, you should have the best projectorto come with it. The most common projectors nowadays have a resolution of either 720p or 1080p for a great image quality. The lumen output or brightness will greatly depend on your viewing environment and it ranges from 1,000 lumens to 2,500 lumens and even higher. I expect better ones to come along the way as technology improves.

Outdoor Projectors

Outdoor Projector Review

Panasonic PT-AX200U Outdoor Projector

Setting up a theater in your very own backyard is a wonderful idea especially if you have a large number of viewers. Those lightweight DLP projectors are indeed valuable. If its weight ranges between six to ten pounds, that’s pretty convenient to transport anywhere. An average of 30 inches or more for the throw distance of the projector is truly commendable for outdoor use.

Gaming Projectors

For gaming enthusiasts, there are some factors to consider before purchasing a gaming projector. The resolution should have a 3D capability and the brightness output should fit your viewing location. The contrast ratio of the projector should range from 5,000:1 to 100,000:1 or even better for a brighter image even during some shadowy scenes in the game. The refresh rates of the projector should range between 120Hz to 480Hz for more seamless and crisper images.

Office Projectors

Imagine making great presentations in boardrooms, lecture halls, and conference rooms. Some of the best LCD projectors I have found are the ones designed for the office. There are entry-level, mid-price, and high performance office projectors. High-end office projectors usually have 5,000+ lumens for brightness, optical lens shift, dual lamp technology, and high image resolution. These projectors are all compatible with both Mac and PC.

3D Projectors

Sharp 3D DLP Projector

Sharp XV-Z17000 3D DLP Projector

I have found that these gaming projectors are best for viewing movies aside from playing games. They may cost more than most projectors but they bring to you some of the best viewing experiences right at home. My two favorite 3D projector types are PC 3D and Full HD 3D Ready projectors. The latter one can be used in any HDMI 1.4 device like a set-top box or a Blu-ray player.

Reviews and Recommendations

Choosing the best LCD projector that fits your needs can be tricky. You may end up spending more dollars due to a wrong choice. Do check my projector reviews to help you choose the best option for your specific needs.